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My place for OpenSource Software.

I started to learn programming after 2 exciting years with linux. I discovered Linux Operating Systems after my Notebook became so slow, that I had to make a decision: Buy a new one (it was only 2 years old) or find out if there is anything else, that might run faster on the nice little thing which was a present of my parents when I started studying.

I decided, that it would be a waste and started to look for something better and faster than windows. First I found openSUSE (which I tried when I was twelve) and, after hours of reading and searching, decided to give Ubuntu Linux a try.

It was unbelievably fast, simply beautiful and my Notebook felt like new.

Two years after that I started to learn programming, because there was nothing else to do after work (I stayed in Port Hedland, Australia at that time). After a few more weeks I had my first applications and games finished. After trying C++ I had changed to Python + GTK+ - and here is what I did with that!

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