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MPO Tool

MPO 3D Converter

MPO Tool is a nice, little piece of software for splitting and converting MPO 3D photos. It is written in python2.7 (because there is no Python Imaging Library for Python3 yet) and GTK+3 (via GObject-Introspection).

I wrote it, because there was no linux-software available for what I wanted to do.



  • Convert MPO to JPS (crossview/parallel)
  • Split MPO to L/R JPEG
  • Convert MPO to Anaglyph JPEG
  • Batch-/Single-processing
  • Parallax-Correction
  • fix corrupted MPO (move comment with ExifTool)

Dependencies (Ubuntu/Debian Linux and others):

  • Python 2.7 (python)
  • GTK+ (python-gi)
  • ExifTool (>= 9.23)
  • PIL (python-imaging)

Usage / Install:

Using MPO Tool is easy and straight-forward. Just download the Tarball, unpack it and start the file. It is recommended that you start it in a terminal, because the progressbar does not work yet.

A and Debian-Package will be available soon. But the tarball will do as well.

Click the Help-Button if further information is required.


  • Anaglyph Viewer for better Parallax-Correction


MPO-Tool on GitHub

Beispieldatei 3D-Foto-Drache

2014-06-30 mpo-tool-0.7.1


MPO Tool is OpenSource Software and free of use, distribution and charge. Is is licensed under


MPO Tool 0.7.1 released, 2014-06-30
- several improvements
- moved to github

MPO Tool 0.6.0 released, 2013-02-28
- Parallax Adjustment Tool for viewing MPO 3D files in anaglyph mode and adjusting parallax value
- saving parallax value to MPO file does not work yet

MPO Tool 0.5.7 released, 2013-02-25
- progressbar
- parallax correction for target files
- slightly faster
- everything works fine now
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