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GeldRau$$$ch is a simple "Who wants to be a millionaire"-like game. You have to answer 15 questions to win lots of virtual money - and - you can add your own questions. At the moment it is available in german only, but there will be an improved and multilingual version, soon.


  • Play the standard-mode 15-questions game
  • add your own game in 3 different language

Dependencies (Ubuntu/Debian Linux and others):

  • Python 3
  • GObject Introspection (GTK+)

On Linux Ubuntu/Debian try:
sudo apt-get install python3 python3-gi

Usage / Install:

Using GeldRau$$$ch is easy and straight-forward. Just download the Tarball, unpack it and start the "" file.

A "" and Debian-Package will be available soon. But the tarball will do as well.


  • Multi-Language-Support
  • Jokers
  • some Eyecandy and Sounds


GeldRau$$$ch on GitHub

2013-04-21 GeldRau$$$ch-1.1


GeldRau$$$ch is OpenSource Software and free of use, distribution and charge. It is licensed under GPLv3.0


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