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Linux is the perfect way to become totally computer-addicted, but not in a bad way. It just means, that it opens new ways of learning, new abilities.

There are hundreds of Linux-based Operatiing Systems (OS). Most people don't know it or haven't even heard of linux at all, but they are working in some way with linux every day.

Just for example, most Webservers work with linux, Android is a linux-os, many devices like mediaplayers or other embedded devices use linux.

So why should or shouldn't you use it?

First of all, it is just a great project. Linux is free for everyone, everyone can help to improve it or to find security problems. Just think about Wikipedia and you will recognise how valueable such a project can be.

There is no THE Linux. It's your choice. For me, Ubuntu Linux is the most user-friendly distribution, but openSUSE, Fedora, Linux Mint, Debian GNU/Linux and all the others have their pros and cons. Try them,read about them and you will find the one that fits for you.

There is no reason why you should not or could not use linux except for two:
  • there is no linux driver for a device you have to use
  • the application you have to use is not available for linux
Most people think, using linux is difficult. But that is not true anymore. As a matter of fact, it is much easier than using windows. No viruses, you have a package-manager (or Software-Center) to install your Applications with a simple click, you usually don't have to install drivers, as they are part of the linux-kernel.

My Grandma uses Ubuntu Linux and she never had any problems with using it, she is nearly 70 and never had much computer experience

On the following pages you can find some information, but mostly links to the best Linux-Webpages to show you, how easy it is to use Linux, and how much friendly and free support is available.
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